Warranty Policy

For each of our buyers have two types of guarantee:

  • – Standard Warranty of 6 months.
  • – Extended Warranty of 18 months.

Sale Policies

It is assumed accepted by the customer the motorcycle quality condition, complete units and references requested, the signing of remission / invoice delivery of the product at the point of sale or receipt of the product by the customer to the transport company. No invoice or number Documents Support no refund or warranty

Warranty Policy

1. Validness of Warranty

•  Warranty applies to all our bikes purchased directly in our store, the term of each
warranty is as the user chooses.

•  As general rule, completely free repair manufacturing defects and supply of embedded parts. If the motorcycle does not support repair, we will proceed to make the corresponding changes.

Exceptions to Warranty

  • The warranty does not cover the following facts:
  • Dents and reckless use, after 24 hours of receipt have transcurred.
  • Damage caused by a third party (subject to the responsibility of the client).
  • Interference unqualified personnel in the repair or maintenance of motorcycles.
  • Use of unsuitable materials that do not meet technical standards required for proper operation.
  • Modifications made to the motorcycle.
  • When no breakages are recognized.

The warranty includes repair of electric motors and parts by factory defect.