Frecuently asked questions (FAQ)

What do you need to get credit with us?

If you are paid monthly, you just have bring the last two payslips. If you are paid every two weeks, you must bring your last 4 payslips,
And a valid ID.
How can I get my motorcycle license with Crown Motors?

Crown Motors offers its customers who do not have the license, the following option:
The customer who wants to get a bike with one of our credit facilitates at Crown Motors, is provided along their credit of some courses to get a motorcycle license.

Does Crown offers its customers insurance for their motorcycle?

Off course we do. We have several plans for our customers to enjoy the benefits found in our store, a comprehensive service; so we invite you to contact an adviser of Crown Motors for further information.

Keep in mind that your motorcycle insurance also can be financed, so do not hesitate and come to one of our stores, so you can enjoy all the benefits we have to offer.